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Moor Lane Bridge Permanent Closure

by tinaroberts on 11 February, 2017

North Somerset Council closed Moor Lane Bridge, which passes over the railway line, last July because repairs to the ‘deteriorating’ embankments would have cost in the region of £100,000 and North Somerset conservative councillors felt that these improvements “could not be justified”.

There was a local outcry and residents cut away the heavy blockades in order to access the bridge. During this six month closure the same conservative council has approved £260,000 on Alfred Street realignment without consultation with Weston residents. It is clear that many people affected by Moor Lane bridge closure feel that their representatives have failed to listen to their views.

Tina Roberts said “An overwhelming 70% of local people have their journeys to local shops and their commute times to work and school severely impacted. This is often made worse when traffic from motorway accidents backs up or flooding at Summer Lane ponds closes the Morrisons exit from the estate. We will present this evidence to North Somerset council before a decision can be made as it is clear that residents have not been consulted”.

Whilst 30% of the respondents were pleased to see the bridge shut this view was often tempered with statements that agreed the traffic from Locking Castle is horrendous.

South Worle LibDems Hugh Eckett and Tina Roberts will be holding North Somerset to account as it becomes clear that the proposed rail electrification is ‘on hold’, possibly to 2024.

Hugh Eckett said “There will can be no excuses for delaying the reinstatement of Moor Lane Bridge as North Somerset Council members are fully aware of central government plans to axe this funding. This was one of the central reasons why repairs were not made to the bridge whilst waiting for the electrification scheme”.

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