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Violent Crime INCREASING in South Worle

by tinaroberts on 22 August, 2017

Violent crime up and police numbers down shows “record of failure”
Violent crime has risen by 18% across England and Wales in the last year, according to new statistics.
It comes as separate figures show there are 900 fewer police officers compared to last year.
Local Campaigner Tina Roberts said, “The Conservative record of failure on crime has been exposed – crime is up and police numbers are down.
“The Conservative Government is failing in its duty to keep our streets safe. And, to add further insult, have utterly disrespected the police by freezing their wages and cutting their budgets time and again.
Hugh Eckett added, “It’s time to ensure our police have the funding they need to keep us safe.”
Local UK crime stats show a year on year rise in violent crime, in our communities.

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